About Renewable Harvest

SRAP’s Renewable Harvest program promotes the development of healthy rural economies and quality jobs through socially responsible agriculture. We can help your community build or rebuild its food processing infrastructure and create a local economy based on a sound agricultural production model that values animal welfare, ecological stewardship, and rural development.

Our priority is to help communities transition from conventional production to sustainable, humane, and independent family-scale farming. We seek projects that align with this mission, are economically viable, and support many producers. We place a priority on projects that serve diverse demographics, have wide-ranging community support, and include community education initiatives.

Our Plan of Action

Create self-sufficient, enduring, community-based organizations that can rebuild both the social and economic foundations of their region.

Assist these organizations in navigating the state and federal regulations governing processing facilities and support these organizations through USDA approval procedures.

Promote projects that build regionally suitable, affordable methods for local processing and marketing of agricultural goods.

Support regional organizations seeking grant support for specific initiatives.

Download our brochure here. (Coming soon!)